Deadline for booking is on Friday, 31 March 2023.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your support of Kooloora Vacation Care.

Kooloora Vacation Care operates during each of the school holiday breaks. It is a child centred, vibrant program that includes fun in-centre days, incursions and excursions. The program is run by a qualified school teacher with experienced staff and is supported by Randwick City Council.

Please have a read of the following guidelines for enrolling your child in Kooloora Vacation Care, If you have any queries or questions please email our Enrolment Officer, Charm Culla:at who will inform the Nominated Supervisor.

Age for enrolments: We are a community based service catering to 5 – 14 year olds. Your child needs to be 5 years of age and have attended at least one term of school to be eligiblefor enrolment into the Kooloora Vacation Care program. Therefore, 5 year olds who have not started school yet are unable to attend our program until the April school holidays.

Medical concerns: At Kooloora Vacation Care your childs’ safety is our number one priority, therefore children diagnosed with a medical condition / allergy / anaphylaxis / asthma are unable to attend unless a current action plan from their doctor has been completed and uploaded onto the Smart Central system. On your childs’ first day of enrolment staff will require the parent / carer to collaboratively complete a Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan with a staff member to ensure the safety of your child. If medication is required such as; asthma puffers, antihistamines, these need to be labelled and given to staff on the first day of enrolment and the parent / carer will be required to complete a medication administration form. These are all legal requirements so please be aware that staff may need to deny your child access to the program for the day if the aforementioned is not adhered to.


In-centre – $55/ day/child before Child care Subsidy

Incursion – $60/day/child before Child care Subsidy

Excursions -$65/day/child before Child Care Subsidy

Operating times: 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday during school holidays. Please arrive by 9am on excursion days and by 10am on in-centre days. Doors are locked from 10am for in-centre and incursion days to avoid disruption of the program. Children arriving late will not be allowed to join the program and full fees will apply.

Late pick up: Out of courtesy, if you are running late to pick up your child please contact the Responsible Person for the day on the Kooloora Mobile, to inform them you will be late. Staff do not mind waiting for you but please call to inform them of your delay and your approximate time of arrival. The Kooloora Mobile number is : 0423 385 308, please do not call the Kooloora Community Centre landline.

Program Schedule: Each program schedule is designed by the vacation care children with their interests and suggestions in mind and can be found online approximately half way through each school term. Please note that spaces for excursions and incursions are limited so email your requests early to avoid missing out.

During the program: During the program, staff send an email through Smart central before the start of each day to give you reminders for the day. If you have any queries during the program please do not ring the Kooloora Community Centre landline as it is not manned. Please refer to the email through Smart Central which will inform you of the Responsible
Person for the day and call the Kooloora Mobile Number: 0423 385 308

Cancellations and Changes: We require 48-hour notice for cancellations as this ensures we can invite children on the waitlist to attend the day. Cancellations made within 48 hours will be subject to full fee. For changes or cancellations, please send an email too Changes and cancellations cannot be done on Smart Central.

Additional Bookings PLEASE NOTE – All additional bookings must be requested via Smart Central. Please login to your account > click BOOKINGS next to the name of your child > select VACATION PROGRAM > select days > click Submit. No bookings will be entertained via email.

Statements and Payments: Statements will be sent on the first Wednesday after the program. Please let us know of any discrepancies before direct debit is processed on the first Friday after the end of the program. Please make sure you have enough funds on your card to cover your balance. A fee of $9.95 is collected by the third party provider as a failed payment fee.

COVID-19 Guidelines: Please do not bring your children to the centre if they are showing even the mildest symptoms. Any children showing symptoms while at the centre will be immediately sent home.

Click below to view April 2023 VACATION CARE PROGRAM

Please find below these three policies. If you have any questions or would like to view any of our other policies please let us know. 


Incident. Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

Infection Control Policy and Procedures

Medical Conditions Policy


  1. Login to your Smart Central account
  2. On the HOME page, click “BOOKINGS” beside the name of your child.
  3. Click NEW VACATIONAL PROGRAM, click the days you want to book. click Save & Continue
  4. Update any details and click Save & Continue until the end. click SUBMIT
  5. Repeat the procedure if you have multiple children enrolled.


If you are enroling for the first time at Kooloora Vacation Care, please send an email to so we can send you the link and instructions to enrol.

For questions, please email