Deadline for booking is on Friday, 16 December 2022.

Dear Parents,

Please note that spaces for excursions and incursions are limited so send in your requests early to avoid missing out.

Program Fees: The fees are based on $45 for in-centre/incursions days, $55 for excursions before Child Care Subsidy.

Program Schedule: Friendly reminder to please come between 8-10am for in-centre days and before 9:00am for excursion/incursion days. Doors are locked from 10:00am for in-centre and incursion days to avoid disruption of the program. Children arriving late will not be allowed to join the program and full fee will apply. 

Cancellations and Changes: We require a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Cancellations made within 24 hours will be subject to full fee. For changes or cancellations, please send an email too koolooravacation@outlook.comChanges and cancellations cannot be done in Smart Central.

Additional Bookings All additional bookings must be requested via Smart Central. Please login to your account > click BOOKINGS next to the name of your child > select VACATION PROGRAM > select days > click Submit. No bookings will be entertained via email.

Statements and Payments: Statements will be sent on the first Wednesday after the program. Please let us know of any discrepancies before direct debit is processed on the first Friday after the end of the program.  Please make sure you have enough funds on your card to cover your balance. A fee of $9.95 is collected by the third party provider as a failed payment fee.  

COVID-19 Guidelines: Please do not bring your children to the centre if they are showing even the mildest symptoms. Any children showing symptoms while at the centre will be immediately sent home.

Kooloora Vacation Care program operates during each of the school holiday breaks. It is a vibrant program with a clear structure. It has a child centered approach which includes activities in the centre as well as excursion days out.

The program is managed by Nicole Arathoon, our qualified school teacher and our support staff. Kooloora Vacation Care is supported by Randwick City Council.

Click below to view January 2023 VACATION CARE PROGRAM


  1. Login to your Smart Central account
  2. On the HOME page, click “BOOKINGS” beside the name of your child.
  3. Click NEW VACATIONAL PROGRAM, click the days you want to book. click Save & Continue
  4. Update any details and click Save & Continue until the end. click SUBMIT
  5. Repeat the procedure if you have multiple children enrolled.


If you are enroling for the first time at Kooloora Vacation Care, please send an email to so we can send you the link and instructions to enrol.

For questions, please email