Energy Accounts Payment Assistance

Kooloora Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) assists helps households in postcodes 2031-2036. To be eligible for assistance, you will need to show evidence that you are experiencing a short term financial crisis.

At Kooloora Community Centre, we have trained EAPA volunteers available for anyone requesting support due to financial hardship. Please read details below for further information.

Kooloora Community Centre provides assistance with electricity and gas bills on Tuesdays between 10:00am – 2:30pm at Kooloora Community Centre.

FAQ – Enery Accounts Payment Assistance

How many vouchers per year can I receive?

An eligible client may be eligible twice in a financial year up to $400 each time. Please note that this is not an automatic entitlement and the final amount of the financial assistance will depend on the personal circumstances of the applicant.

What information is required to apply for assistance?

We require a copy of your most recent bill and a photo ID. Please note that reminder notices will not be accepted.

What can I do if I have lost my bill or don’t have my original bill only my overdue bill?

You should call your energy provider and request a copy of your bill.

Can a family member apply for assistance on my behalf?

Yes, provided they have the authority on your energy account. You can nominate a relative or a friend by calling your energy provider.

Can I get assistance from my previous address/bill?

EAPA is provided based on the current and most recent bill for your current place of residence.