Eastern Area Tenants Service (EATS)

EATS offers free advice, information and help to tenants who are having problems with their landlords or real estate agents. We can also provide educational materials or sessions for groups who want to find out more about tenants rights. EATS also advocates for a legal system that will give tenants a fair go, and access to decent, affordable and safe housing for all.

EATS helps tenants in the Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick council areas in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We work closely with other Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Services in NSW, as well as community centres, other service providers and tenant groups in our area.

EATS strives to give all tenants in our area the best possible information and advice about their tenancies. In many cases we can provide useful resources. In some cases, where the tenant cannot for some reason put their own case, we can help with advocacy and representation, depending on the issue and the workload of the service.

Visit the EATS website by clicking the image below.